Dr. Issaree Supnui shares Thai Education at CED 304 Seminar

“Thai Qualification Framework for Higher Education provides universities with a clear path to upholding graduate employability with international recognition”
– Dr. Issaree Supnui, Kasetsart University

The quote was one of the highlights of Dr. Issaree Supnui’s lecture at the Hyflex seminar organized by the CED 304 (International Comparative Education) class, supervised by the faculty-in-charge, Dr. Evelie P. Serrano.

The seminar titled, “Issues, Challenges, and Opportunities in Thai Higher Education: The Case of Kasetsart University” was held at the Training and Development Laboratory (TDL) of the College of Public Affairs and Development (CPAf) on April 24, 2024.

Dr. Supnui is an alumna of CPAf and a visiting professor from Kasetsart University (KU) in Kamphaeng Saen Campus, Thailand. In her lecture, Dr. Supnui took the participants on a virtual tour of how KU and other colleges and universities in Thailand were able to maintain their momentum on providing a pool of graduates that are internationally recognized.

“Students in our country have undergone a standard admission examination before being admitted to a university. Added to that, every university in Thailand offers a certain specialization that’s notable for the quality of curriculum content and competence of educators.” Dr. Supnui accentuated.

Participants of the CED seminar mostly asked questions on how the KU were able to attain great heights in terms of global rankings; in which Dr. Supnui shared that the university implemented various frameworks and strong political will that addressed university funding concerns.

To close, the newly appointed director of the Institute for Governance and Rural Development (IGRD), Assistant Professor Mayo Grace Amit, shared a message on solidifying stronger relationship between CPAf and KU.

In attendance are international students, faculty and staff of CPAf and other constituents of UPLB. This includes Ms. Parinya Chuachoochat, an exchange student and PhD candidate in Human and Community Resource Development of KU.

The CED 304 is a course on ‘International Comparative Education’ offered to students of PhD in Development Studies major in Education and Development.

For more information about the MOA between UPLB and KU, check this post here.

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