The International Conference on Governance and Development (ICGD) is a biennial event hosted by CPAf that provides prospects for the international delegates to present and exchange innovative ideas, learnings, and experiences in fostering effective governance, handling public institutions, and achieving development objectives. It aims to establish a network of academics and practitioners and promote linkages and partnerships among them.
The 1st ICGD was hosted in 2018 in Alabang, Philippines, and the 2nd ICGD was held virtually in 2021.

3rd International Conference on Governance and Development

19-21 July 2023 | Manila, Philippines (In-person Conference)

Conference Theme:

Currently, the world is undergoing emergent challenges: social and economic recovery, the election of new governments, changes in agriculture and climate that affects global food and supply chains, and calls for timely action on environmental sustainability. These lead to substantial paradigm shifts among institutions and reshaped spaces of power, with new players and stakeholders emerging as crucial decision-makers.

This year’s conference theme initiates agenda-setting conversations and debates recognizing the agencies of institutions and communities to lead governance and development to better pathways.

Conference Agenda

The 3rd ICGD will address the following questions to support this year’s theme:

Institutions in transition

  • What transitions do communities and institutions face locally, regionally, and globally?
  • How do leadership address transition issues related to, but not limited to, pandemics, education crisis, growing inequality, human and social security issues, climate emergency, gender injustice, and others?
  • How will institutional innovations, such as in agricultural and rural development, enhance human capabilities and capacities in communities in transition?

New ways of rethinking governance and development

  • In what ways do our traditional lens and analyses able to analyze and predict governance and development pathways after social, political, and economic transitions?
  • How can data and information can shape critical policy decisions?
  • What are the new ways of opening governance to accommodate broad-based forms of governmental regimes?

Shared future and prosperity

  • After these transitions, how do institutions forge partnerships and cooperation toward shared prosperity?
  • How can the social, political, and economic pressures transform how we think about sustainability?
  • How can institutions reinvent and innovate towards rights-based and people-centered growth and development?


We invite convenors from various sectors to propose a session panel that responds to the conference agenda. Panel proposals should be no more than 300 words (maximum of 50 words for the short abstract and 250 words for the long abstract). We are adopting a new format for the 3rd ICGD, so please read the guidelines carefully.
You can likewise check the sample panel proposal on the online submission form before submitting it.
The deadline for the panel proposals is on August 30, 2022. Accepted panels will be notified in September 2022.


  • We encourage submissions from convenors who reflect a diversity of institutions and who involve colleagues from policy and practice as well as academia.
  • Convenors may also be a paper presenters during the conference.
  • The conference requires all accepted panels to be open to paper and abstract proposals through an online submission link. Convenors may have specific paper contributors; they may submit their abstracts and papers during the scheduled call for papers, subject to review. However, during the call for abstracts/papers, we encourage convenors to be open to other contributors proposing to the accepted panel.
  • Panel convenors will need to select, together with an assigned ICGD technical paper review representative, which abstracts/papers they wish to accept to their panel.
  • All convenors, authors, chairs, and discussants will be expected to register online individually in advance of the event and pay a registration fee to attend.
  • All convenors of accepted panels should cooperate with the conference organizers on observing deadlines and other conference-related announcements.

NOTE: The Call for Abstracts/Papers will open in October 2022


The conference fees will be as follows:


USD 150


USD 100

LOCAL (Academic)

PhP 4000

LOCAL (Student)

PhP 2500



Assistant Professor and Chair
3rd International Conference on Governance and Development