From its creation in 1998, the then-College of Public Affairs (CPAf) has made its mark in the field of development and governance studies. Through the years, CPAf has produced a significant number of graduates and a body of knowledge along institutional, policy and governance issues in the rural sector, in general, and in the agriculture and natural resources sectors, in particular.
Under a new name and a strong, dynamic “one-college-one-faculty” structure that helps strengthen and sustain its established innovations, the College of Public Affairs and Development now aims to offer more relevant academic courses and research and extension programs on development and governance studies.
CPAf is composed of an institute and two centers. These are the Institute for Governance and Rural Development (IGRD), Community Innovations Studies Center (CISC) and the Center for Strategic Planning and Policy Studies (CSPPS). IGRD offers the curricular programs of CPAf, including undergraduate courses in agrarian studies, education, and community education. The two centers, CISC and CSPPS, conduct research and extension programs.


CPAf is an academic institution with distinctive excellence in development studies and governance in support of national development goals in the agriculture and rural sectors and communities in transition.


By means of transdisciplinary approaches, CPAf shall develop human and institutional capacities in the areas of local development policy, governance, and community development consistent with our values and traditions while taking into account the demands of globalization


Core Values