GoRABeLS Research & Extension Framework of CPAf
GoRABeLS Research & Extension Framework of CPAf

The Governance Research and Extension Activities for Better Lives and Sustainable Development (GoRABeLS) research & extension framework of CPAf

The CPAf R&E Framework, called Governance Research and Extension Activities for Better Lives and Sustainable Development (GoRABeLS), was crafted considering the vision, mission, mandate, and R&E thrusts of the College. The framework emphasizes development and governance (right circle) and sustainability (left circle) as the core niches of CPAf. In particular, to attain its goals, CPAf R&E focuses on six themes which are community education, innovative strategies and approaches for community development, agricultural resources governance for development, science, technology and innovations policy for food and nutrition security, agricultural policy for sustainability, and innovations in governance. With these themes, the College aims to enhance the lives of its stakeholders by transforming communities and strengthening institutions bearing in mind that the interventions would bring about positive and sustainable development.

The CPAf R&E Framework carries the vision:

The CPAf Research and Extension programs significantly contributing to the growth of the agricultural and rural sectors by strengthening robust and thriving communities and institutions through efficient, effective, and innovative sustainable development policies and governance systems rooted in socio- economic, cultural. political and environmental context amidst digital innovations.

In support of the vision and goal of CPAf and consistent with the University’s Unified R&E Agenda, the College R&E Framework shall pursue activities on the following themes: 1) Community Education; 2) Innovative Strategies and Approaches for Community Development; 3) Agriculture Resources Governance for Development; 4) Science, Technology, and Innovation (STI) Policy for Food and Nutrition Security; 5) Agricultural Policy for Sustainability; and 5) Innovations in Governance.

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