CPAf Graduate Students attend 1st CPAf GSA, DMGS hosted-Assembly

The graduate students of the College of Public Affairs and Development (CPAf) attended their first student assembly co-hosted by the CPAf Graduate Student Association (GSA) and the Development Management and Governance Society(DMGS) on April 20, 2024.

The event, held at the CPAf rooms 303-304 and via zoom, brought together students from various programs of the college. The event was also graced by some of the college’s Executive Committee and professors who actively answered the concerns of the students.

Assistant to the Dean Dr. Rhea Gumasing welcomed the participants and reassured the students that the newly installed set of leaders of the college will make sure to address and help students have a memorable and enjoyable stay at the college while striving to earn a degree. 

The two student organizations of CPAf introduced themselves and their programs to encourage student participation on future events of the college. CPAf GSA highlighted the continuation of their sought-after Thesis and Dissertation Writing Bootcamp; Acing Comprehensive Exam Tips (ACE); webinars; and CPAf yearbook. Whereas DMGS showcased their project HIRAYA’s continuation as part of their program’s mantra of serving the people through appropriate governance. 

Aside from the games and other activities that aim for students to get to know one another, the assembly gave students an opportunity to raise their concerns such as transportation from the lower campus to CPAf, course contents, and mental health wellness among others. These questions were addressed by the student leaders and faculty members with a promise to create the appropriate steps to solve these challenges. 

The assembly ended up with students carrying hopes for a better stay in the college. As Dean Lapitan said, “CPAf is not just your college, this is your home.”

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