CPAf and UPLB recognize Dr. Quimbo’s research contributions

Dr. Maria Ana T. Quimbo’s research contributions received recognition not only from the College but also from the University. CPAf Professor, Dr. Maria Ana T. Quimbo, is this year’s CPAf Outstanding Senior Researcher and UPLB Outstanding Researcher for the Social Sciences and Humanities Discipline (senior faculty category).

Dr. Quimbo’s extensive research engagements have produced notable contributions along the areas of educational policy and practice, e-learning, and distance education. For instance, her study on research productivity among academics in higher education institutions (HEIs) proposed policy directions to promote and enhance research culture in HEIs. Likewise, the results of the five-decade meta-review of community development that she led can be used in curricular design and formulation of research agenda in institutions of higher learning. Moreover, her study on learning analytics for the causal model of distance learning addressed the limited local literature available. Results of the study underscored how data analytics results can be used to determine relevant factors for the efficient delivery of programs and courses. These results can also be used as bases for data-informed decision making for timely intervention to address critical student needs.

Dr. Quimbo has also been involved in research activities that are related to community development, communities in transition, and climate-resilient development. One research project she led was funded by the Sustainable Mekong Research Network or SUMERNET. This regional project has established linkage with other universities and local government units in Cambodia and Myanmar. It also provided policy recommendations that were utilized in the formulation of climate adaptation plans and incorporated in the development plans of partner local government units.

Meanwhile, recent projects of Dr. Quimbo focused on public health and nutrition. The summative evaluation of Promote Good Nutrition program and the Bottleneck Analysis to Improve Effective Coverage and Implementation of Severe Acute Malnutrition Management Services both provided recommendations on how to address and fight the pervasive problem of malnutrition in the country. Both initiatives highlighted the concerted efforts of various stakeholders at the local level.

While all research endeavors are very close to her heart, Dr. Quimbo considers the SUMERNET project as her most significant research accomplishments in recent years because of its contributions to institutional development.

“The project had established research linkage or partnership with the Royal University of Phnom Penh in Cambodia and the Asian Development Research Institute in Myanmar,” Dr. Quimbo said.

“At the local level, boundary partners such as the local governments of Guagua, Pampanga and Paombong, Bulacan spoke of positive significant changes as a result of their engagements with this project,”

she added.

Dr. Quimbo also shared Mayor Dante Torres’s written statement, further certifying that with the research partnership, the Local Government of Guagua generated more than 5 billion pesos savings through efficient local development planning and capacity building initiatives for their personnel.

Dr. Quimbo’s research outputs are shared in academic gatherings here and abroad. She has also published over 60 research articles in refereed and indexed journals and several policy briefs and book chapters. She was bestowed on several local, national, and international research awards. These include the Excellence in World Publication Award from the International Association of Multidisciplinary Research; the Outstanding Scientific Paper Award from the National Academy of Science and Technology, Department of Science and Technology; Outstanding Researcher awarded by the Philippine Association of Agri-vironment Educators and Entrepreneurs, Inc. (PASSAGE); UP Scientist I from 2014 to 2019, and the One UP Professorial Chair Award for Outstanding Teaching and Research from 2016 to 2021, among others.

With her expertise, Dr. Quimbo has also been tapped as a research and evaluation consultant within and outside the University. She has been active in research mentoring of graduate students, junior faculty, and research personnel in the University.

Dr. Quimbo attributed her various awards to her research partners, collaborators, advisees, and students within and outside UPLB, who share the same enthusiasm in doing research. “It’s also important to mention the confidence received from funding agencies, for without them we won’t be able to implement our research efficiently and in a timely manner. Special mention of thanks also to my research mentors and the loving support of my family,” Dr. Quimbo said.

Dr. Quimbo received the Outstanding Senior Faculty Researcher Award from CPAf during its virtual 23rd Founding Anniversary program on January 29, 2021. Meanwhile, she bagged the UPLB award during the 112th UPLB Foundation Day Convocation Program held on March 6, 2021 at the UPLB Baker Hall.

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