Following a one-faculty-one college structure, the College’s functions are lodged in three units: an academic unit, the Institute for Governance and Rural Development (IGRD); a transdisciplinary research and extension unit, the Community Innovations Studies Center (CISC); and a policy center, the Center for Strategic Planning and Policy Studies (CSPPS).
All faculty members are housed in the academic unit but join the research and policy centers where their research projects are programmatically located. This promotes more synergy, more interdisciplinary, multidisciplinary and transdisciplinary and time-bound work.
The staff offices under the Office of the Dean are the Administrative Support Services and the Knowledge Management Office (KMO). KMO is responsible for packaging knowledge products that are generated in the centers, the library, the computer laboratory and the college MIS.
The CPAf Executive Committee is composed of the Dean as chair and the Directors of IGRD, CISC and CSPPS, the Administrative Officer of CPAf, the head of KMO, and the university prescribed coordinators for instruction, research and extension.