Master in Public Affairs
Master in Public Affairs
The Master in Public Affairs Program (MPAf) is intended to train both practitioners serving government and non-government institutions, as well as scholars dedicated to the analysis of public issues, particularly as they relate to the improvement of public welfare. Like other Master of Public Affairs programs of well-known universities, it is a professional degree structured around concepts and skills essential to policy, planning and management activities within governmental, quasi-governmental organizations, business entities and other civil society organizations.

Specialization Courses and Prospective Students

Bureaucrats, teachers, researchers, and practitioners in developmental work
Private and public school teachers from various school levels and development workers
Professionals working in the government, academic and research institutions, non-government and consultancy organizations

Program Goals

Graduates in this program should be competent in planning, organizing, leading and evaluating activities within the governmental and quasi-governmental organizations.
Specifically, the graduates are expected to:
  1. have developed awareness, understanding and appreciation of the various development theories and concepts that will enable them to discern the dynamics of development;
  2. have developed the analytical capability in making public choices and actions consistent with the needs of the times in order to bring about a higher level of societal welfare; and
  3. have learned tools necessary to gain competencies in managing socio-cultural affairs.

Program Requirements

  1. Thirteen (13) units of core courses common to all the areas of specialization
  2. At least twelve (12) units of specialization courses
  3. Special Topics (2 units)
  4. Field Studies (3 units)
  5. Graduate Seminar (1 unit)


Director, Institute for Governance and Rural Development
College of Public Affairs and Development
Domingo M. Lantican Avenue, University of the Philippines Los Baños
College, Laguna 4031 Philippines