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EDUC 111. Educational Psychology (3). Psychological principles and theories in education and the teaching-learning process. 3 hrs (class). PR. COI, (1,2)

EDUC 144. Evaluation of Learning (3). Methods of evaluating learning; selection, construction, administration of assessment instruments, analysis and interpretation of results. 3 hrs (class). PR. COI, (1,2)

EDUC 102. Theories and Principles of Education (3). Significant theories and principles of education; educational philosophies and their implications to agricultural education in the Philippines. 3 hrs (class). PR. COI, (1,2)

EDUC 122. Principles and Strategies of Teaching (3). Principles and concepts of teaching, selection and organization of course content. PR. COI, (1,2)

EDUC 200a. Major Practice (6). (1,2)


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