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CPAf brings services closer to clients and partners

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True to its name, the college is fortifying its public services to development partners and major clientele through social media. Dubbed as CHATS for RDG, the CPAf’s Helpdesk on Advisory and Technical Services for Rural Development and Governance intends to make CPAf closer, more responsive, and relevant to the needs of its partner institutions and communities.

With the growing familiarity of the wider public on the use of social network system (SNS), the CHATS for RDG program will utilize the social media as information and communication technology (ICT) for a speedy communication platform and coordination between and among CPAf and its existing and prospective clients and partners.  

The program intends to be a “one-stop shop” of CPAf’s services such as advisory, technical assistance, and capacity building. Institutions and organizations may tap CPAf, which either directly provide the needed service, coordinates with other institutions, or refer the requesting party to another service provider if the needed service is beyond CPAf’s expertise.  

CPAf faculty and researchers have been providing advisory services and technical assistance to government agencies, local government units, organizations, and private institutions. However, recent demands call for services that require multiple links placing the college as mediator for doer of a service.

The CHATS for RDG program will also improve the visibility of the college. It will serve as a venue to promote the existing products and services of CPAf and increase the awareness of its potential partners and clients on what the College offers. Launched during the 19th CPAf Anniversary Celebration last January 30, 2017, CHATS for RDG starts promoting and marketing the service to prospective clients and partners on its first year. (by Stella Concepcion R. Britanico)

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