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CED 299 class holds seminar on shadow education

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The CED 299 or Graduate Seminar class, under the supervision of Drs. Josefina T. Dizon and Ruth A. Ortega-Dela Cruz, organized a forum on “Shadow Education: Concept and Practice” last May 19, 2016 at CPAf.  Dr. Ronald A. Gonzales, chairman of the Philippine Association for Teachers and Educators (PAFTE) in Region IV-A, served as the resource speaker.  Participants were public and private school teachers and students from Laguna.

Dr. Gonzales clarified the meaning of shadow education as a private supplementary tutoring, which is expanding at an increasing rate in Asia.  He stressed the positive and negative dimensions of shadow education system.  On the positive side, it can promote personal academic development and contribute to human capital for wider economic advancement.  It may also offer educational resources with more flexibility and better timing than the mainstream sector.  On the other side, shadow education may  intensify social inequalities, cause stress to individuals and families, create inefficiencies in education systems, and may contribute to different forms of corruption.

One concern raised during the open forum was the institutionalization of the shadow education system.  Because of the  prevalence of this private supplementary tutoring, the government must institutionalize this to ensure the efficacy of its practice.  The resource speaker also clarified that if shadow education will be institutionalized,  it should not be mandatory for parents to send their children to this private supplementary tutoring.  The government should come up with policies or mechanisms to effectively implement and monitor this kind of education system.  “Once institutionalized, this would no longer be called shadow education,” Dr. Gonzales added.

The seminar was the culminating activity of the CED 299 course.  It provided the students the opportunity to plan, organize, and conduct a seminar.  They served as heads and members of the organizing committees such as steering, program and invitation, food, physical arrangement, announcement, documentation, and finance. (by Ruth A. Ortega-dela Cruz)

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