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SPPS 299 class organizes seminar on ATI’s e-learning program on agriculture

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The SPPS 299 class  (1st Semester, AY 2016-2017) conducted a seminar on e-Learning as Vehicle for Social Transformation: Evidenced-based Results from the Philippines,” last May 3, 2016 at Drilon Hall, SEARCA, Los Baños.  The seminar was co-sponsored by the Center for Strategic Planning and Policy Studies (CSPPS) of CPAf in partnership with SEARCA.  Participants were undergraduate and graduate students, and faculty members of CPAf and  the College of Development Communication (CDC).

Dr. Ma. Stella C. Tirol, associate professor of CDC, served as the resource speaker who presented the results of their study on the evaluation of the Agricultural Training Institute’s (ATI) e-learning program on agriculture, which was launched in 2007.  The study aimed to determine inputs, outputs, and outcomes of e-learning from the users’ perspective; and map out evidences of e-learning among its users.  ATI’s e-learning program  provided free online modules in crops, livestock and poultry, marine and fisheries, among others, to its e-learners who are mostly composed of agricultural extension coordinators throughout the Philippines.

According to Dr. Tirol, their evaluation study showed that ATI’s e-learning program should be institutionalized and sustained as it gives an alternative form of learning that is accessible, efficient, effective, and relevant to the needs of the e-learners.  It also produces a multiplier effect as knowledge is shared by the agriculture extension coordinators to farmers.  Moreover, policies should be crafted and disseminated to ensure sustainable operation of the e-learning program.

SPPS 299 is a graduate seminar course offered under the Master of Public Affairs program, major in Strategic Planning and Public Policy. (by Kristine Joy Villagracia)

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