CPAf’s former outstanding senior researcher embarks new adventures

Dr. Miriam R. Nguyen, a university researcher at the Community Innovations Studies Center (CISC) of CPAf, has chosen to embark on another chapter of her life – retirement. She decided to board on her new journey officially on the 2nd of July 2021, after serving roughly 25 years in the field of research. Throughout the years, Dr. Nguyen had consistently carried out successful research and extension activities and delivered quality outputs.

It was in 1997 when Dr. Nguyen began her research career at the then Center for Policy and Development Studies (CPDS) under the UPLB Office of the Chancellor, which is now the Center for Strategic Planning and Policy Studies, a research unit at CPAf. She rose to the ranks from being a University Research Associate I at CPDS to a tenured University Researcher III at CISC, and led several projects that benefited agricultural areas, agrarian reform communities, and agricultural cooperatives.
A graduate of PhD in Community Development at UPLB, Dr. Nguyen had always been tapped to work on baseline studies, monitoring and evaluation studies, and impact assessments. Her research works were mostly funded by non-government and government agencies such as the Department of Agriculture, Department of Agrarian Reform, Philippine Institute for Development Studies, Department of Energy, and US-Agency for International Development.
Together with other CPAf researchers, she produced several publications including policy briefs, journal articles, and books. She also presented her scientific works across the country in different conferences and fora. Her research contributions were recognized by the College and named her as CPAf’s Outstanding Senior Researcher in 2017.
Dr. Nguyen also taught community development courses at CPAf for two semesters during the term of former Dean Josefina T. Dizon. Likewise, she had a couple of stints at the Colegio de Los Baños where she served as part-time faculty member, teaching undergraduate subjects such as economics, marketing, management, research, and civic welfare training service as well as graduate courses in management and education. However, Dr. Nguyen, a researcher at heart, shared that she enjoyed more doing field works and was more fulfilled working with various types of communities.
Aside from being a researcher and lecturer, she served as Treasurer and currently the Auditor of the Philippine Extension and Advisory Services Network, Inc. (PhilEASNet) and a member of the UP Society of Research, Extension, and Professional Staff (UPREPSS) and the Philippine Association of Agri-vironment Educators and Entrepreneurs, Inc. (PASSAGE).
While Dr. Nguyen’s achievements may paint her as a serious person, she definitely knows how to pull a good joke when needed. This will be missed by her friends and colleagues at CPAf as she has chosen to focus now on her family.
“As Dr. Miriam moves to a new phase in her life, we, in the office, will not feel the same moving forward,” said CISC Director Blanquita R. Pantoja.
“She has always been there, in any way, to provide ideas and leadership to solve issues and concerns in the office,” Dir. Pantoja added.
She also recognized Dr. Nguyen’s leadership to complete her projects on time. Through the several research projects she led, CISC also acquired office equipment and other resources, according to Dir. Pantoja.
Dr. Nguyen’s outstanding accomplishments and contributions to the scientific community of CPAf and UPLB exemplifies her unswerving commitment to uphold honor and excellence in her research endeavors.
Kudos to Dr. Miriam Ramirez-Nguyen! Happy retirement!
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David John Rodriguez
University Research Associate at CPAf