Bing Baltazar C. Brillo, PhD

Professor 4

Dr. Bing Baltazar C. Brillo is a professor of political science and development studies at the Institute for Governance and Rural Development, College of Public Affairs and Development. He completed the Bachelor of Arts in Political Science (BA), Bachelor of Science in Commerce (BS), Master in Political Science (MPS), and Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Development Studies by Research (Outstanding Dissertation Award in Political Science) at De La Salle University. He also passed the Career Service Professional Eligibility (CSPE) and the Career Service Executive Eligibility (CSEE).

Dr. Brillo has written 42 scholarly journals, of which 30 are published in WoS/Scopus indexed journals and 12 refereed journals. Of this, he is the sole author of 32 and co-author of 10, with 9 having as lead author. He has published with Springer, Taylor & Francis, Elsevier, Wiley, Inderscience Publisher, and IOS Press.

Dr. Brillo’s research outputs are novel contributions to social science studies on lake governance, small lakes, tourism in lower-class municipalities, and the closed fishing season policy. He is clearly among the most productive in research work and has securely led scholarship in lake governance and development in the country.
Dr. Brillo’s abiding dedication to teaching and research has consistently earned for him the UP Scientist Award since 2015, the UP International Publication Award since 2014, the One UP Professorial Chair Award since 2016, the Metro Manila Commission Professorial Chair in 2013, the CAS Outstanding Faculty in 2013, the CPAf Outstanding Faculty Researcher Award in 2020, and the UPLB Outstanding Research Award in 2022.


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